Why you should risk getting your dress dirty on the wedding day

Okay, maybe I am biased about this. But I would rather recommend to do the photo that involves maybe getting the dress dirty than playing it safe and never risk anything. Here is why. Most wedding dresses have layers. So if you walk over some mud or dirty leaves on the ground, the outer layer that people actually look at stays clean (most of the time).

The best nature locations are never the cleanest

If you go to any kind of nature or park setting on your wedding day, there is a high chance that you can’t always stay on a path. Also, standing on asphalt doesn't really look like you are in nature. Of course this depends on the location. Sometimes it works to just show your upper body in the photos with the surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you should do crazy things on your wedding day just to get the photo. I won’t ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with. You can also make yourself more comfortable for example by bringing flip flops to walk between spots. The couple photos are supposed to be fun for mostly. Even if I create the best photo ever, if you hated the situation you were in when I took it, that feeling will come back when you look at the photo.

All I am trying to say is that there is no need to worry too much about your dress. Take a look at the photos below, this bride walked barefoot through the woods, jumped with her husband from one rock to the other and walked through some muddy paths to get these beautiful photos. And we had fun doing it, because she didn't worry about it at all!

Should I do a destination wedding?

When you start planning your wedding, the choices you have to make can be overwhelming. Should you get married in your hometown or a fancy vacation location? Maybe you always secretly dreamed about having a wedding ceremony on the beach. Or in a beautiful forest that just doesn’t exist close to where you live? A destination wedding can be anything from a resort in another country to a just a lake that is a couple hours away.

We have covered weddings all over the world, in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and in a lot of states in the US like New York, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Last season one of my two favorite weddings were at Lake Placid and the one below in the Hudson Valley. While it is of course fun for us to cover your wedding at a more exotic location here are some pros and cons about wether you should opt for a destination wedding.

Wedding Photography below at Meadow Ridge Farm in Hudson, NY

The best part about traveling somewhere for you wedding is that anyone who follows you there, really cares for you. For example in Mexico there were about 40 people who all spend a short vacation with the couple. That means they had the chance to see their most important people in life for multiple days instead of just a couple of hours. That aspect is the best part about having a destination wedding besides having incredible sceneries that you didn't have in your backyard.

So why even bother getting married where you live? First of all it makes things a lot easier. No packing your bags worrying about the weight because you don’t need to bring them on a plane. You can also talk to most of your vendors in person which will make it easier to work together on the big day. And choosing your hometown for your wedding also means you can proudly present it to out of town guests. Nothing better than giving them new, fantastic memories about Buffalo, NY to make them appreciate this amazing area in the future.

So, of course I can’t really answer the questions for you, I just wanted to share my experience with you. The wedding in the Hudson Valley you can see below, is the perfect in between. The couple lived in NYC at the time, so the drive to Hudson, NY wasn't too long. It still feels completely different and more relaxed than any wedding in New York City could have been. So maybe that is the answer to the question, just pick a destination that is close enough that not all your guests need to fly there.