Wedding Photography at Joseph's Country Manor in Depew, NY

Amanda and Jordan are the first couple that found me on Instagram. They were pretty much what wedding photographers call "the ideal client". Before they even reached out to me, they had looked at everything on my website and had already decided they were going to book me. We had a very cool initial meeting at Tipico and they asked me quickly how they could actually reserve the date with me. 

At the engagement session they were fairly nervous, even though the photos didn't show that at all. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful couple that was as easy to photography as these two. So cute together that I felt I barely didn't have to pose them at all. 

When it came to the couple shoot at the wedding day, it felt like they still knew exactly what to do. This is exactly why I always recommend doing the engagement photos since it helps a lot for make the couple shoot go smoothly. I always feel way more confidence in front of my camera if we have worked together with the camera before. 

Stefan Ludwig

Journalist. Photographer. Videographer.