Why you want wedding photos AND video

When I started covering weddings professionally I already had a lot of experience in making videos. I talked with my friend Kai about creating a combined wedding photography and videography package. We both believe this is the ideal coverage of your wedding day. Here is why. 

Video captures emotions in a more engaging way

I personally believe that video is the better way to capture the emotions of a wedding day. What I typically capture is your family and friends having a good time together, laughing, smiling. It just looks better on video. I started capturing highlight videos like the two below at weddings and during engagement sessions besides taking pictures. I probably dedicate about 20 percent of the day towards video and deliver a 1 minute engagement video and around 3-5 minutes of wedding video. 

The photo gallery combined with those videos gives you a way richer experience of what it was like on the day. To give you a different example, I also love watching my travel videos. I might hang a few photos of my vacation on my wall but what I mostly look at is usually the video I make. It is so much easier to relive the vacation through a video. Just watch the first couple of minutes of my road trip video from last year and you well get an idea of what I am talking about. 

I'm not saying the photos are not important. A photo captures one moment in time. It will make you able to relive a wedding day as well. But video is becoming more and more important and showing let's say your kids a wedding video might be a better way for them to get an idea what your wedding day was like. 

Stefan Ludwig

Journalist. Photographer. Videographer.